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Swimwear Manufacturing – How To Find The Perfect Supplier

The swimwear industry is a clothing sector that has certainly taken flight in recent years. Naturally, so has the swimwear manufacturing industry.

Many people now associate wearing a bikini or swimming trunks with going on vacation – and everyone wants to always feel like they are on a relaxing vacation. There are so many swimwear brands on the market, but not all of them are high-quality or successful companies.

Making a good swimwear line and putting it out into the world all depends on the manufacture that is used to make the swimwear. The best swimwear manufacturers are not hard to find if you make an effort to look for them.

Let us guide you through what you need to do to find high-quality swimwear manufacture for you and your new swimwear line.

First, Design Your Swimwear Line

Before you start searching for swimwear manufacturing companies, you first need to design the swimwear that you want to put out into the world.

Most high-quality swimwear manufacturers will not be interested in you or your brand until you have a set of designs and some prototype swimwear that you can show them. Both so they know what to make and so they know that your design is worth investing their time in.

There are two methods for designing swimwear:

Custom design

A custom swimwear design is where you design your swimwear completely from scratch. From the shape and styling of the pattern to the logo placement, it will all fall on your shoulders. There are manufacturers that will give recommendations on the constructions of the style and how it should come together if you are not sure.  

Custom swimwear manufacturers will need a clear image of how your custom design is supposed to look. Making an example product yourself is the best way to show them in clear detail your design. Details sketches will also help them understand your style.

Many people who start a swimwear brand stay away from custom designs, to begin with. They’re a lot of hard work and often require some kind of fashion or designing training.

Don’t worry if you’ve never designed a clothing line before, there are plenty of courses online you could take to help you get going.



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White Labeling

Often, a new swimwear company will use the white labeling method to get their brand out there as quickly as possible. It is an easier design route than creating your own custom designs for your brand’s first year of making sales. Though it still requires effort from you to make your design unique.

Every year, factories will prepare 50-60 unique designs that swimwear brands can choose from. These designs are essentially a base for a swimwear product, cut to a certain size, shape, and fit.

What you will need to do is decide the styles you like best for your swimwear line and modify the colors, prints, and logo to match your vision. It is a pick-a-mix method of designing a swimwear line.

White labeling swimwear companies are more likely to go with wholesale swimwear manufacturers as they will be able to make the swimwear way cheaper. These manufacturers will also have fewer expectations and requirements from you as a designer.

Where To Look For A Swimwear Manufacturer


There are many places where you can find swimwear manufacturing companies. Though some places promise to yield better results than others. 

A good place to start is always the internet. Googling ‘manufacturer for swimwear’ will bring up thousands of results for swimwear manufacturers all over the world.

Don’t just go with the first result, though. Take your time to go through every result Google turns up. Sometimes the best company will be on the 37th page.

You could also visit swimwear expos and fairs. There are hundreds that happen annually and they’re full of the best swimwear manufacturers that the industry has to offer. Mostly because many swimwear fairs will not let a manufacturer be associated with their event unless they have a good reputation.

Fairs and expos will allow you to walk directly to the manufacturers in person. You can get a feel for the kind of company they are and know if you would work well together on a professional basis.

The manufacturers at an event are more than likely to be working with successful, big-name swimwear brands. So, use this chance to get to know the types of swimwear manufacturers that work best in the industry.

Arcus apparel group an apparel manufucturer in Houston, TX provides swimwear manufacturing services

They may not share brand name collaborations directly, but it won’t be hard to judge how successful a manufacture has been based on the information they give you.

It is also possible that reaching out to fashion schools or swimwear incubators will give you some contact information to high-quality swimwear manufacturers. Schools and incubators will have well-worn industry connections that they know work well, so it’s worth a shot.

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How To Know If A Manufacturing Company Will Work For You

Once you have found a swimwear manufacturing company, you need to ask the right questions to understand if they’re the right choice for your design and brand.


Your Target Customers

There are usually three types of manufacturing companies – women’s swimwear manufacturers, men’s swimwear manufacturers, unisex swimwear manufacturers.

Knowing who you are designing your swimwear line for will help you determine which manufacturer to pick.

You also need to decide where you want to sell your swimwear and the kind of cultural expectations that come from that location.

Knowing how sustainable you need to make your swimwear to sell in a certain location or what working policies your manufacture needs to abide by for their place of operation, will give you an insight into the cost of your product.

Cost And Turnaround Time

Money is everything when it comes to business. Nobody wants to be losing unnecessary money and spending a fortune on manufacturing that doesn’t deliver the product you need.

Before you go looking for a swimwear manufacturer, understand your budget and the profit margin you want to make when selling your swimwear. This will help you determine the amount of money you can afford to spend on your production.

Be clear about your budget and boundaries with the manufacture. Create a clean-cut deal of the price you will be paying.

A turnover time is just as crucial as pricing. If your manufacture delays your order, then that will cause a domino effect for your entire company. Agree upon a turnover time that is realistic for both of you and make sure that stays consistent.

Understand Their Capabilities

Some manufacturers will be able to turn out better results with certain fabrics than others. It all depends on the machines they use and the training that their employees have.

Gather information from your manufacture about what they are able to provide you in terms of fabric handling, competency, and quality control. The best way to see the quality of the manufacturers work is to order samples.

Establishing that clear communication will allow you to ensure that you are choosing the best swimwear manufacturing company for your current design and any future design.

Arcus A.G.

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