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American made apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your MOQ?
      • MOQ for domestic production at our Houston, TX facility is 100 units per style.
  2. How many colorways are included in your MOQ?
      • 1 colorway per 100 units
  3. How many sizes can I produce at MOQ?
      • 6 sizes
  4. What is your sample lead time?
      • 7-10 business days once all materials arrive.
  5. What do you specialize in?
      • Domestically we have the equipment to produce swimwear, athleisure, womenswear, and intimates.
  6. What kind of decoration methods do you offer?
      • Silk screen printing, sublimation, custom labels/patches, pad printing
  7. What do I need to produce a sample?
      • Technical packet
      • Materials (fabrics, trims, labels, etc…)
      • Brand artwork
      • Base size pattern in DXF format
  8. What if I don’t have everything needed to produce a sample?
      • We offer apparel development services that start at idea creation and end at manufacturing your production.
  9. What if I only have a sketch of what I want?
      • Our apparel development package is the perfect for you. It includes:
        1. Technical packet that includes flats, construction detail, labeling detail, colorways, measurement spec for 6 sizes.
        2. Material sourcing from domestic and international wholesale mills and distributors.
        3. DXF base size pattern
        4. Sample creation
        5. Fitting
      • Pricing per style starts at $950/style. Please contact us for a custom quote
  10. What is your production lead time?
      • 4-6 weeks for most productions. Orders of over 1,000 units will have a custom lead time developed.
  11. Can I provide the materials for my production?
      • Yes, we can work with your provided materials after we test and approve them for production.
  12. Will you retag my blanks?
      • No.
  13. Can I start a production without a pre-production sample being made?
      • No, all productions require an approved sample that we produced.
  14. Can you quote me a per unit cost from a picture, sketch, or sample?
      • Per unit cost is developed from the cut/sew labor and materials that are used in the production and the pricing per unit is developed only after a sample is produced. We offer truly custom service which means that every component can be customized and that degree of choice means that prices can vary greatly between productions of similar styles. The development of any particular style is tailored to your brands needs in regards to pricing and quality.


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