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American made apparel


Bring your production stateside with Arcus Apparel Group. We specialize in knitwear and offer flat seaming and sublimation capabilities in-house to give your brand the flexibility it needs to meet market trends.

We are also able to offer brands 3D renders of their designs to test concepts and fits in a 3D space before going into production. 




What do I need to get started?


A tech pack, fit sample, or pattern.

What is your sampling lead time?


4-7 days once all of your materials have arrived at our shop. 


What is your production lead time?


Production lead time can vary based on the complexity and volume of your production.

Average is 45 days. 


When is payment required?


50% deposit is required at the beginning of the production. Balance due on ship date. 

New Designers

We are happy to assist new designers and first time brand owners with their projects.  Please be aware that if you do not have all of the details of your project before starting that the lead times will be longer than expected and your costs will be higher as we have to spend the time to determine the specs of your project. 



What do I need to get started?


A tech pack, fit sample, or pattern.

How much will development cost?


Development costs are based on the complexity of your project. We bill based on the estimated amount of hours that it will take our pattern makers to develop your project.  If you are producing at MOQ the development can be more costly than the production.

Keep in mind that a brand that is producing thousands of units is paying the same amount and it makes sense on a larger scale.


How long will this take?


The turnaround time is dependant on how much work is needed to be completed to get your idea developed. Please provide as much information as possible to shorten your lead times. 

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