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Athleisure Apparel

It’s no secret that athleisure is quickly becoming everyday wear for many people around the world! Here at Arcus Apparel Group, we are a private label activewear manufacturer specializing in the trending styles in the activewear industry, including knitwear. As a leading leggings wholesale supplier, we offer flat seaming as it is a much-desired trend at this time.



In addition, as many gym clothing styles require printed logos and lettering, we provide in-house sublimation printing so that you can receive the fashionable results you desire. We understand that proper branding is important to the success of our business partners. As such, we have designed our operations to pay close attention to the details of each order.



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We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch fitness apparel that can compete with leading brands, the fabrics we order and the designs we print go through multiple quality checks. Whether you are a large established brand or a smaller startup company, we serve each of our clients equally and to our fullest capability!



What do I need to get started?


We are happy to work flexibly to ensure you receive the exact apparel items you need! As such, we accept a few ways in which you can relay to us the athleisure apparel you need. Submit your tech pack, fit sample, or clothing pattern to get started! Check out our how to find a clothing manufacturer blog post here. 

Available Styles


Here at Arcus Apparel Group, we are committed to carrying all styles of athleisure clothing so that you can offer your customers a wide range of products! Check out our full list of products here:




Sport Bras

Compressions Wear



and more….


What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?


One of the ways in which we keep our prices at the amazingly low rates they are is by requiring a minimum order quantity. We try to keep this number as low as possible as we proudly serve both small and large businesses. For more styles, the MOQ is 50 units. That number may vary for materials we do not normally keep in stock. For more information about our MOQ, we encourage you to Contact Us!