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About US

Making Custom Apparel Accessible

Arcus A.G. was founded by a group of people coming from very diverse backgrounds in many different professional fields ranging from management and entrepreneurship to fashion and graphic design.

Our goal is to create functional, high performing  product offerings and provide the tools that will help you grow and develop yourself and your brand in a very competitive environment, while still being ethically produced with both economic and environmental impact in mind.

Our company saw a lack of opportunities for new start ups to easily enter the consumer markets due to the high barriers of entry associated with the development of a new product offering. We also saw a need for a consciously sourced product in a market overrun by underdeveloped products that are not concerned with the well being and future development of the individuals involved in the production and investment of such endeavors.

Through our personal experiences in product development and apparel manufacturing, we realized that there had to be a better way than just making massive runs of t-shirts and products that would end up in your local dumpster or goodwill discount racks. We strive to create something better that allows potential start-ups to grow and develop a product that their clients will love.

We want to make apparel manufacturing accessible and break down the walls of the industry and most importantly, we want you to be proud of the products you develop with us!

Arcus Apparel Group is excited to see the true potential of what we can all do together!

Sincerely, The Arcus A.G. Team