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Product Development Pricing

How much will it cost to develop my style?

We get asked how much it cost to develop a style on a daily basis. The answer is that it depends on how much of the pre-development work has been completed and the complexity of the style.

Our quick development process has 4 requirements to be ready to manufacture and each requirement has documents/files that need to be developed for each step. The more information that you can provide the lower your development cost will be. 

1. Technical Drawing

2. Material Sourcing

3. Graded Pattern

4. Sample Approval


We use our experience to make the process simple and easy to navigate for designers and brand owners. If you are an experienced designer or brand owner that is ready to manufacture we can quote out per unit cut and sew costs once a sample has been approved. 

The next factor that will determine price will depend on the complexity of your style (number of panels, trims, buttons, pockets, plackets, etc…) and if your style has been created before. Is it something brand new in the marketplace that needs extensive testing or is it a similar style to something already in stores?


Below is our general guide to how much it will cost to develop a new custom product for your exclusive use.




Each step has a certain amount of work that needs to be completed to get closer to being ready to manufacture.



If you have a sketch of the product that you would like to manufacture you are at the very begining of the development journey and the cost will be higher due to all of the details that need be put together to be produce your good.


Technical Packet

If you have a technical packet complete you have taken into account many of the details required to construct your style. There may be a few details missing but much of the guesswork has been removed. Material types, construction, trims, colorways, label placements, and artwork have been determined.



A pre-production sample has already been made along with a finished technical packet. It may need a few minor adjustments or new fabrics selected. Your style is 95% ready for manufacturing.


Ready for manufacturing

Your style has all of the documentation needed to go into manufacturing, you’ve determined where you would like to produce your style (internationaly or USA), and your pre-production sample has been approved by you.


Contact us today with your reference documents and we will quote out the remaining work needed to get your style production ready. Development services start at $750 for a simple (2 to 3 panels) custom style and does not include materials, sampling, or revisions. 





Manufacturing Prices

The per unit cost to manufacture each piece is determined by 5 factors.

1. Country where you would like to produce your styles (USA vs International). Each one has its benefits. If you would like more information read our article on reasons to produce in the USA.

2. Complexity of your style. The more panels, plackets, pockets, zippers etc… that your design has the higher the labor cost.

3. Types of fabrics and trims.  Are you using in stock materials or are we producing custom materials?

4. Material consumption. A sports bra will have a lower material consumption % than a legging. Less material means a lower cost.

5. Quantity that you would like to manufacture. Higher quantites will have price breaks and lower quantities will be billed higher or with an under MOQ surcharge. The higher costs cover the manufacturers administrative and setup costs for your project.

When you start designing please keep in mind where you would like to produce your garment and how it will effect your cost. If you would like to produce a high complexity style, in a low quantity (under 150 per style), in the United States, out of recycled materials, you know that the cost will be high per unit.  The reason for this is that labor costs are higher in the US, materials are more expensive, and low MOQ productions are billed at a higher rate to compensate for the setup required to start the project.


Please let us know what your desired pricing goals are and the quantities that you would like to produce so we can guide your development towards the best manufacturing route. 

If your style has not been completely developed and had a final sample produced we will not be able to give you a per unit price.